DreadBall Smashes Through $140k Stretch Goal

03 September 2012
imports_CCGB_dreadballhasalreadyexc_72306.jpg DreadBall has already exceeded $140k of donations.
Mantic Games heads for the premier division with latest DreadBall Kickstarter updates. ...
DreadBall Smashes Through $140k Stretch Goal Images

DreadBall - the futuristic sports game - has rocketed through $140,000 worth of donations and shows no signs of slowing up! As reported last week, Dreadball is the latest Kickstarter project from Nottingham-based miniatures maker Mantic Games. Originally the company aimed to achieve a modest $20,000 but after achieving that goal in around two hours, it's now going on to bigger and better things.

The extra funding has meant Mantic can add numerous extras to the game, including new star characters (such as the weird Octopus alien John Doe), miniatures in different poses, an expanded roster of teams and lots more! The latest extra - after passing through $140,000 - are special hexagonal bases for the miniatures to help when playing the game.


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Kickstarter works by giving interested parties the opportunity to 'donate' certain amounts of cash to a scheme to help a company start production of a particular product - in return, people who donate receive the product and various 'rewards'. In the case of DreadBall, one  of the most popular options is a donation called 'Striker' for $150. Originally Striker gave someone who donated a few extra miniatures but it now includes all this:

  • A copy of DreadBall (two additional Orx and two additional humans added)
  • Referee miniature
  • Special edition acrylic counters
  • A sprue of plastic hexagon bases
  • Midgard Delvers team - Forge Fathers team
  • Skittersneak Stealers team - Veer-myn team
  • Two additional Veer-myn players
  • Two additional Forge Father players
  • Additional four players (two human, two orx)
  • Lucky Logan Most Valuable Player
  • Slippery Joe MVP
  • Gorim Ironstone MVP
  • Reek Rolat MVP
  • Wildcard MVP
  • John Doe MVP
  • A signed print of the cover art
  • A digital copy of the rules
  • A digital 'Creating DreadBall' book
  • DreadBall Trophy


What's more, as the Kickstarter project is boosted with more donations, it's likely this lengthy list will actually increase. So, if you're interested in donating, make sure you head to the Kickstarter page and check the official website for more details on DreadBall. Plus, we'll hopefully have a look at DreadBall with Toy Figure Focus writer Mike Blake once we can get our hands on a copy!