Dragon Announces New Iron Man 3 Model Kits

19 March 2013
imports_CCGB_dr38322_09552.jpg Dragon Announces New Iron Man 3 Model Kits
War Machine and Iron Man Mark XLII available in May. ...
Dragon Announces New Iron Man 3 Model Kits Images
Model kit maker Dragon has announced it's working on two brand new sets due for release alongside the Iron Man 3 movie. Hopefully you won't need to be a technological genius like Tony Stark to complete the 1/9 scale plastic kits of the Iron Man Mark XLIII suit and War Machine. The Mark XLIII comes in the typical red/gold of Iron Man, while War Machine is a rather cool grey and black.

The figures are faithfully reproduced in model kit form and parts are moulded in the correct base colours, which results in a more accurate finish when painted - so get your brushes out kit makers! Both are the end product of "exhaustive CAD design, resulting in perfect accuracy and authenticity". They also come in dynamic poses with a diorama base. Finally, don't worry if you're a beginner to the hobby because the kits are separated into as few parts as possible, to ensure they're extremely easy to assemble.

You might have to be quick to pick up one of these kits when released in May because according to UK distributor Amerang, Dragon's first release of the Iron Man Mark VII sold out immediately! Both will retail around £39.99 and you can see renders of these fantastic models below!

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