Dinky Weetabix Guy Van nets £3,250 at Bonhams Auctioneers

11 December 2013
imports_CCGB_dinkyweetabix_77857.jpg Dinky Weetabix Guy Van nets £3,250 at Bonhams Auctioneers
Private collection of scarce Dinky commercial vans in great condition realises thousands. ...
Dinky Weetabix Guy Van nets £3,250 at Bonhams Auctioneers Images
It's amazing to think there are still come superb private collections out there, with incredible examples of vintage diecast tucked safely away in a cupboard or loft, well away from the perils of sunlight or sticky-fingered kids. One such example of a private collection recently went under the hammer at Bonhams and netted thousands! Although there was only a handful of models in the collection, it certainly made up for the quanity with exceptional quality.

One of the best items was a Dinky Toys No. 514 Weetabix Guy Van with grooved hubs, a first type cab and a pale blue Dinky Toys box. In excellent condition with a few minor chips to wheels arches and edges, the bidders had clearly had their Weetabix, as the van sold for £3,250 (including premium). A variant of the same van but with ridged hubs sold for £3,125.

Also from the same collection was a Dinky Supertoys No. 923 Heinz Big Bedford Lorry with ketchup bottle advertising, red cab and chassis, yellow back/hubs and a blue/white striped Dinky Supertoys box. Good things clearly come to those who wait as the hammer eventually fell on £3,125. Following in the four figure gang, the auction also included a Dinky Supertoys No. 514 Lyons Guy Van with the first type cab, dark blue with mid-blue hubs and pale blue box. It realised £1,375.

Another big hitter was a Dinky No. 918 Ever Ready Guy Van in a USA export box with first type blue cab, red grooved hubs, blue/white striped Dinky Supertoys box with yellow H. Hudson Dobson of New Jersey  label to lid side, which sold for £562. Our final choice from the vans is a Dinky Toys No. 514 Spratts Guy Van, first type cabs, red/cream, in a dark blue Dinky Toys box, which sold for £750.

Away from the diecast, a delightful Asahi Toy Company Chrysler Imperial car from 1962 definitely caught the attention of bidders too. With friction drive to the rear wheels, a deep blue finish with chrome and gold details, detailed tin printed interior seats and dashboard, black/white rubber tyres and IMPERIAL number plate to the rear, the car drove its way to £6,250!

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