Dinky Toys Collectors’ Association produces its 75th Journal

06 November 2019
Highlighting 75 images of Dinky Toys produced over the last forty five years.

The Dinky Toy Collectors Association (DTCA) was started back in 2003 by enthusiastic Dinky Toys collectors. The idea was to bring together collectors so that they could share their knowledge and information relating to all things Dinky Toys.
One of the benefits of the DTCA is the quarterly Journal which includes articles, images and history together with anything to do with Dinky Toys. Over the years it has covered many aspects of Dinky Toys from their manufacture, their colours, their boxes, the catalogues and also the many promotional models produced over the years.
The current issue is the 75th Journal and it has 75 images of Dinky Toys, these being a selection of the models produced over the last forty five years. They reflect the diversity of the models and illustrate examples of what really interests collectors. The issue also includes the usual articles, aspects of the Dinky Toys Forum from the DTCA website and contributions from the members.
If you enjoy the fun of collecting Dinky Toys why not join the DTCA and find out more about Dinky Toys and of course receive the Journal. Visit the club's website at www.dtcawebsite.com.

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