Dinky, Corgi and Matchbox battle it out at the Museum of Brands.

30 August 2019
The Museum of Brands, in Notting Hill London, has launched a new exhibition. Running until 27 October families, young and old, can explore "1950s Battle of the Toy Brands".
Dinky, Corgi and Matchbox battle it out at the Museum of Brands. Images

The 1950s heralded a new era for toys in Britain, the end of World War II brought about new creations, inventions and advancements in toys – limitless fun for the nation’s children! Over 500 new toy manufacturers opened in Britain, each competing for the coveted space in children’s hearts. A pivotal decade in the history of toys, this new exhibition delves into the boom of new toys on the market in post-war Britain.

With all to play for, the big guns of the toy world competed to win – Hornby, Brimtoy, Tri-ang and Mettoy all fought for railway supremacy. Merit Grand Prix battled against Scalextric, Pedigree dolls against Palitoy and Rosebud. Matchbox took on rivals Dinky and Corgi. Television characters Sooty, Hank and Muffin the Mule joined a variety of TV games such as Dixon of Dock Green and Emergency Ward 10. Children’s choices ultimately decided the winners and losers – would it be Dan Dare or Noddy?

The Museum of Brands explore how brands shape our world. With exhibits over 15,000 items covering 150 years of brands, packaging and advertising the Museum is a treasure trove of memories spanning across the generations, we offer a unique day out with something for the whole family. 

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More information about the exhibition, and the Museum itself, can be found at www.museumofbrands.com