Dinky and Hotwheels sell well at November Vectis sale!

11 December 2018
hotwheels-92827.jpg Delightfully simple fire engine retained its original bell and complement of six firefighter.
Diecasts at Vectis' November sale threw up some more interesting lots, with prices to match…

On to diecasts at Vectis and a November sale threw up some more interesting lots, with prices to match…

The Dinky 25k/250 streamlined Fire Engine was an attractive lot and this one ran on smooth hubs with those lovely traditional white tyres. Underneath was a tinplate base and it was complete with a crew of six tinplate figures. Only fair, it still looked good and several people wanted it, so the upper estimate £80 was quickly passed, the engine realising a hot, hot, hot £264.

Another Dinky, the 39c Chrysler in Saxe blue with silver trim, was fitted with maroon ridged hubs for contrast. Only good (bear in mind its age!), it remains a hard to find issue. Vectis reckoned that £100-120 might do the trick but its rarity pushed it to £720.

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For sci-fi fans, the Budgie Toys 272 Mike Mercury Supercar was listed as being in excellent condition overall and came with the bonus of a yellow, black and red carded picture box. Some chipping on the wings was noted (a common fault with this model) but that didn’t put off the Gerry Anderson fans. Estimated at £120-150, it zoomed away to achieve £408.

Back on terra firma, the P.R Models Savon Ambre Le Chat delivery truck, finished in two-tone green and yellow, was complete with its cat figure. Overall condition was near excellent and it came with a generally good carded picture box. It purred off to make £432, well over double its estimate.

From China came the MF Toys No 826 friction drive Airport Limousine in cream and green with interior detail. A side door was fitted with a latch and featured an automatic opening action. Dating from the 1960s, this near pristine example carried some bright plated parts and ran on rubber tyres. Just under a foot long and contained in a card box with a colourful illustration to the lid, this charming van won over the audience, who pushed it to £312.

Finally, someone fell in love with an empty box (someone always does). In this case it was a Dinky No. 157 Jaguar XK120 Coupe trade box that was described as good to good plus. It’s hard to value such items, so the stab at £50-70 seemed reasonable - yet this airy carton actually realised £132.