Dambusters 70th anniversary in Collectors Gazette

17 May 2013
imports_CCGB_cgjune13-web_36502.jpg Dambusters 70th anniversary in Collectors Gazette
The history of the daring mission and collectables inspired by Operation Chastise. ...
This year marks the 70th anniversary since one of the most daring missions of World War II: Operation Chastise. Better known as 'Dambusters', the thrilling night flight saw RAF 617 Squadron take off from its Lincolnshire airbase and head to Germany with the aim of destroying key dams to disrupt the German war effort. This incredible mission was seen as one of the most succesful operations of WWII and was later turned into an iconic film, with an equally iconic theme tune.

So, with this in mind the June issue of Collectors Gazette is dedicated to Dambusters and features some of the collectables inspired by Chastise, including a great new set from Britains and a magnificent Avro Lancaster from Corgi - which you can see on the cover. Other highlights in the June issue include:

  • 20th anniversary of Jurassic Park and the diecast models inspired by it
  • Mattel celebrates 60 years of Matchbox
  • A history of Benbros by an avid collector
  • An exclusive trip round the Trix Twin museum
  • Diecast special in our auction price guide
  • Plus, the usual mix of news, new releases, auction results and swapmeet reports

The June issue is available to buy in store now or you can order your copy online. Also, if you've got an iPad or Android tablet, just search for Collectors Gazette in the store to download our digital edition.

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