Creating the cover for Collectors Gazette June 2014

08 May 2014
imports_CCGB_cg-june14-web_14309.jpg Creating the cover for Collectors Gazette June 2014
The different concepts behind the unique cover artwork of the latest issue. ...
Creating the cover for Collectors Gazette June 2014 Images
If you're a regular reader of the Collectors Gazette, you'll know that we tend to stick to a certain format for our covers. Normally, you'll see a crisp example of a wonderful diecast model or perhaps a tidy locomotive from Hornby or Wrenn but for the June issue, we've decided to go for something a little different.

The reason for this change is the upcoming John Gilbert Collection sale at Aston's Toy Auctions. John Gilbert was the artwork designer at Corgi from 2000 to 2006. During that time he created numerous boxes - many of which you'll probably have seen on the shop shelf, at toy fairs or even at auction. He also kept a record of all the projects he worked on and the finished models.

Unfortunately, as with a lot of collectors, John has decided it's time to downsize but, fortunately, this does mean you'll have the opportunity to buy one of the unique pieces of Corgi artwork he created while working at the company. The items wil be sold at Aston's on 12th June.

To commemorate this event, we asked John to create our cover for the June issue, which also includes some background on the auction. Just like the projects he worked on at Corgi, John went through some concepts before we finally decided on the finished design. Below you can see the designs and the completed artwork.

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