Corgi's Type 2 VW Camper tribute to 'our Darrell'

24 August 2021
New release is due to go on sale in October

Due to go on sale in October, the first two examples of Corgi's wonderful newly-tooled VW Type 2 Bay Window Camper are shown below as 'signed samples', meaning these are ready to go into production. The tooling was very much from the heart of Corgi's Brand Manager, Darrell Burge, who sadly and very suddenly passed away in February this year.

VA14600, in Marino Yellow and Pastel White (below, right) is modelled on the very vehicle owned by Darrell and his wife, complete with its stylish Porsche Fuchs wheels. The 'RAT-look' on the left (VA14601) will also be available soon - both will be priced at £32.99.

"Little Miss Pepper", as Darrell's vehicle is known, comes with a lovely tribute card in the box. See, or contact your preferred retailer.

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