Corgi's First Releases of 2013

21 January 2013
imports_CCGB_screen-shot-2013-01-21-at-14.21.21_00068.png Corgi's First Releases of 2013
Four new Aviation Archive models and a new limited edition Vauxhall Cavalier. ...
Corgi's First Releases of 2013 Images
Corgi is starting the New Year in style with its first releases of 2013. If you're an Aviation Archive fan then you'll be particularly chuffed as four of the new models are planes while, back on the ground, Corgi has also just released a Vauxhall Cavalier Mk3 SRi, Carmine Red. You can read all about the replicas below and be sure to get in touch using the comments to let us know which ones you'll be buying!

First up there's the North American Mustang Mk. IV GA-S 112 Sqn RAF, Italy, May 1945 in 1/32 scale and priced at £109.99 (ref: AA34409). This impressive model has rotatable propeller, removable engine covers, an opening canopy, moving parts, visible gun bay and detailed pilot figure. You can see a picture to your right!

Up next, you can get the Avro Vulcan B2, XH558, 230 OCU, RAF Waddington, 1960 in 1/144 scale and priced at £48.99 (ref: AA31208). 2012 marked the 60th anniversary of the legendary Vulcan’s first flight in 1952.  Going on to epitomise the RAF's strategic bomber force during the cold war, the Vulcan served in a number of different roles throughout its service history.  XH558 joined 230 OCU in July 1960.  The twelfth B2 built, it was based first at RAF Finningley before moving almost immediately to RAF Waddington.

You can also buy the Republic P-47G Thunderbolt, 'SNAFU', Duxford, 2012 in 1/72 scale for £36.99 (ref: AA33825). P-47G 'SNAFU' is the UK's only airworthy P47, and one of the very few early ‘Razorback’ P47s flying anywhere in the world.  Built not by Republic but by Curtiss, hence the ‘G’ rather than ‘D’ designation, this aircraft flew with a number of training squadrons across the United States before being struck off from the USAAF’s inventory in June 1945.

Another new release is the SEPECAT Jaguar GR1 XZ108, 2 Sqn RAF, Laarbruch, Germany, 1987 in 1/72, priced at £49.99 (ref: AA35413). Originally conceived in the late 1960s as an advanced supersonic jet trainer, the Jaguar matured into a capable strike aircraft.  Operated by the RAF as a low level tactical attack aircraft, the Jaguar performed well during the first Gulf War and later saw active service over the Balkans.  Based in West Germany during the height of the cold war the Jaguar’s role would have been to attack the Eastern Block’s airbases and other tactical targets at low level, streaking in fast across the battlefield and delivering blows to help cripple the Soviet Union’s ability to wage war.

Finally, there's the previously mentioned Vauxhall Cavalier being released as part of the Vanguards range for £20.99 (ref: VA13100). Vauxhall’s third generation Cavalier was launched in August 1988 and marked an increase in GM Europe’s ambitions for their fleet model car.  From the start there were twenty-two variants available and more followed, although no estate was ever offered.  The SRi, modelled here, offered brisk performance and precise handling without being too stiff for mass market tastes.  At £11,499 it was a very appealing package to fleet buyers as the 8-valve engine was a well-known and reliable unit which, in the Mk3, gave economical motorway performance thanks to the car’s impressive Cd of 0.29.  The front-wheel-drive Cavalier consistently beat the more advanced looking but conservatively engineered Sierra in magazine tests.
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