Corgi's 1/72 scale Gloster Meteor F3 nears release

03 September 2014
imports_CCGB_news3_60479.jpg Corgi's 1/72 scale Gloster Meteor F3 nears release
Newly tooled model will be in the shops soon! ...
Corgi's 1/72 scale Gloster Meteor F3 nears release Images
Corgi has released a final pre-production image of its newly-tooled Gloster Meteor F3 that we first caught sight of earlier this year (see Diecast Collector issue 199). Due in the shops soon (Corgi's catalogue claims November), the aircraft modelled belonged to 616 Squadron, based at Lubeck, in 1945.

The Gloster Meteor was the first jet fighter to enter service with the RAF, first flying in 1943. It then later entered service with 616 squadron in July 1944. Confined to operations over the United Kingdom to preserve the secrets of its technology, the Meteors were soon used on anti-V1 patrols. Their terrific acceleration, thanks to the Sir Frank Whittle designed ground-breaking turbojet engines, allowed them to be very effective in this role, accounting for fourteen V1s by the end of war, a good total from only a small number of airframes. They did not suffer the same problems as the rival Messerschmitt ME262s during take-off or landing. By mid-1945 the squadron was operational over Germany, being engaged on ground attack and fighter sweeps. But the squadron failed to encounter any enemy jets during their sorties. The Meteor would go on to have a long and successful career with a multitude of air forces.

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