Corgi Unveils Pre-Production LNER A4 'Silver Link'

02 January 2013
imports_CCGB_lnera4classsilverlin_91460.png LNER A4 Class 'Silver Link' 2509 (ST97503)
Images show off first new tooling for the latest addition to the Rail Legends series. ...
Corgi Unveils Pre-Production LNER A4 'Silver Link' Images

Corgi has kicked off the New Year by showing off a pre-production image of the latest addition to its Rail Legends series: the LNER A4 'Silver Link'. The sample is the first off the new tool and is due for release early this year. It's a limited edition model and will cost £32.99, you can see the pre-production sample below.

LNER 2509 was the first of Gresley’s new A4 Class Pacific locomotives to enter into service. The A4 Class carried a unique streamline design that was inspired by the German ‘Flying Hamnburger’ diesel trains. The A4 Pacifics were built to haul the ‘Silver Jubilee Train’ which was a high-speed streamline train designed to offer a fast service between Londob King’s Cross and Newcastle. It was named this to celebrate King George Vl’s Silver Jubilee that took place in 1935. During it inaugural journey it reached speeds of 112mph, setting a new world record.

Built at the LNER’s Doncaster works, Silver Link was built in only 11 weeks and entered full service on the 7th September 1935. Silver Link was one of only four of the A4s to carry the two tone silver grey paint scheme. Corgi's model depicts the locomotive during its LNER period between the years of 1935 and 1937.

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