Corgi Toys Launches Television Campaign... just in time for Christmas!

10 December 2012
imports_CCGB_image005_87429.jpg Corgi Toys Launches Television Campaign... just in time for Christmas!
Diecast manufacturer promoting Corgi Toys range during children's shows. ...

It may seem like a long time since you've seen diecast cars being advertised on television - nowadays it's all hi-tech thing-a-ma-jigs that'll break by Boxing Day, electronic games that need more batteries than a warren full of Duracell bunnies or terrifying dolls that wet and poo themselves every two minutes. Well, Corgi is aiming to change that by sponsoring a range of different children's TV shows to promote its new range of Corgi Toys.

The range of vehicles are available as solos (RRP £2), 5pks (RRP £9.99) and as a play set complete with play mat, two vehicles and a building (RRP 9.99).  All products are designed for boys aged 3-9 years.  Each vehicle is produced using diecast to replicate each vehicle in detail.

Sponsorship ads will be shown between popular children's programmes, such as Canimals, Fleabag Monkeyface, Generator Rex, My Phone Genie... hang on, wait a minute! What's with all these crazy show names? What the heck is a 'Fleabag Monkeyface'? Sounds like an exotice disease. Is a Generator Rex a new type of car battery? This is all quite confusing, it's time to have a lie down in a dark room.

To save you the hassle of watching all these irritatingly loud and bright cartoons, Corgi has thankfully provided the adverts for us below... just force your kids or grandkids to watch them too and hopefully they'll catch the collecting bug (just don't let them touch your vintage Corgi cars)!



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