Corgi No.261 re-tooled and available now from the Corgi Model Club

21 January 2022
Club has completely re-tooled the iconic original model

Working closely with the production team at Hornby, the Corgi Model Club has completely re-tooled the iconic original model, from the ground up. This is something the club does for all its models, of course, but this one has reportedly been by far the most challenging yet.

A faithful recreation of the original, with all the working features of course, the model is much closer replication than the recent Corgi mainstream release. It comes packaged in a perfectly reproduced box and is accompanied by the same accessories as the 1960s release.

The model has been lovingly re-tooled and is the next exciting release in the Corgi Model Club’s impressive line up. The first examples will be with early club members by the time this issue goes on sale. To find out more about the new releases, and to start collecting these terrific recreations, ‘join’ the club - for more information, go to

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