Corgi New Releases 2013 - Interview with Corgi's Martyn Weaver

24 September 2012
imports_CCGB_corgicataloguejanuaryj_76274.jpg Corgi Catalogue January/June 2013
Exclusive! We speak to marketing manager Martyn about the latest catalogue. ...

As part of our in-depth coverage of the new January/June 2013 catalogue from Corgi, we interviewed marketing manager Martyn Weaver about the company's latest releases and what's next for the Margate-based model maker.

In the video, Martyn runs through some of the highlights from the catalogue, tells us what is likely to be popular (so you better be quick buying those, to avoid disappointment) and gives you an idea of what could become a 'collectable of the future'. Finally, he explains what's important for the future of collecting and what Corgi is doing to encourage the next generation of collectors.

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