Corgi Model Club Mustang hits the road

22 September 2021
The latest release in the series has begun to arrive with customers

The latest release in the new Corgi Model Club series, manufactured by Corgi and distributed by Blue 14, has just begun to arrive with customers, making it the eighth exciting model to be reproduced in this superb retrospective series. This exciting range of 1960s retrospective releases features models that are all faithful re-toolings of popular original Corgi Toys.

No 325 Ford Mustang Fastback 2+2 Competition Model is perfectly reimagined and is virtually indistinguishable when compared alongside an original example, even down to the box, which is replicated as closely as possible to the original and is exactly the same size.

Find out more about the new Mustang release, and to start collecting these terrific recreations, ‘join’ the club - for more information, go to

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