Corgi July-December 2014 model production update.

23 June 2014
imports_CCGB_corgi-catalogue-cover_37293.jpg Corgi July-December 2014 model production update.
Further production rescheduling and cancellations announced. ...
Corgi July-December 2014 model production update. Images
Along with the great news about the new Red Arrows model, came the announcement of some further delays and cancellations to the recently announced July-December 2014 release schedule.

POSTPONED TO 2015: CC15803 Mercedes-Benz Actros (MP4) Fridge trailer, Caffrey International Ireland Co. Meath, Ireland.

POSTPONED TO 2015: CC15208 MAN TGX Houghton Parkhouse ‘The Professional’ Livestock transporter, J&G Cambell of Oxton Lauder.

CANCELLED: AA39606 Hawker Audax, 2 Squadron RAF Hawkindge, 1937.

CANCELLED: AA32716 Hawker hunter T7 XL620 74 Squadron RAF Coltishall.

CANCELLED: AA34709 BAC Canberra Mk.62 B105, Grupo De Bombardo 11 Air Brigade, Air Group No2 Parana, Argentine Air Force.

CANCELLED: CC15406 Seddon Atkinson Strato, Nooteboom Low Loader Trailer with Kiln Load, Chris Bennett Transport Ltd.

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