Corgi announces Coca-Cola range

22 July 2019
coca-cola-stearman-79343.jpg Corgi Coca-Cola Stearman
Corgi announces Coca-Cola range
Corgi announces Coca-Cola range Images

CORGI is to introduce a new range of six Coca-Cola themed models for the adult collector.

Due to go on sale towards the end of the year in time for Christmas gifting, the range features a mix of vehicles in three different scales. In a more detailed 1/43 scale there will be a Mk1 Ford Transit, and a VW Camper ‘Splitty’ in both early and late 1960s liveries.

These will be complemented by a pair of Routemasters in both standard and Christmas schemes, both at 1/36, and to finish these off will be a Boeing-Stearman biplane in ‘Fit the Box’ scale, with all these three being in the less-detailed 'Showcase' gift range.

Coca-Cola® 1970s Ford Transit Mk1
REF: CC02725  SCALE: 1/43 PRICE: £24.99  DUE: Q4/2019

Coca-Cola® Early 1960s VW Camper
REF: CC02732  SCALE: 1/43 PRICE: £24.99  DUE: Q4/2019

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Coca-Cola® Late 1960s VW Camper
REF: CC02733  SCALE: 1/43 PRICE: £24.99  DUE:  Q4/2019

Coca-Cola® Christmas London Bus
REF: GS82331  SCALE: 1/36 PRICE: £16.99  DUE:  Q4/2019

Coca-Cola® London Bus
REF: GS82332  SCALE: 1/36 PRICE: £16.99  DUE:  Q4/2019

Coca-Cola® Stearman
REF: GS99727  SCALE: FTB PRICE: £12.99  DUE:  Q4/2019