Collectors Gazette July issue on sale TODAY!

21 June 2013
imports_CCGB_cgjuly13-web_46063.jpg Collectors Gazette July issue on sale TODAY!
Read all about a £125,000 collection, plus a look at vintage Corgi advertising. ...
Forget gathering at Stonehenge and chanting for a few hours, the best way to celebrate the Summer Solstice is to pop out and buy the latest issue of the Collectors Gazette! You don't have to stand around in a field for ages in the cold, talk to trees or take off all your clothes and roll around in the grass (unless you want to, of course). Instead you'll just get a cracking read packed full with the latest news about collecting, auction results, in-depth features and, most importantly, your comprehensive guide to toy fairs over the next few weeks.

So, what's in this issue? Well, we've got:
  • A report about the £125k diecast collection sold at Vectis Auctions
  • Looking back at vintage board games based on football
  • Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the E2 Class locomotive with a look at Thomas the Tank Engine models
  • The history of Swoppets - the models that "swivel and swop'
  • Advertising & Availability - classic Corgi advertising and marketing
  • An exclusive interview with Daryl Burchmore who is selling his huge James Bond collection
  • 40 vintage locomotives listed in our model railway price guide

You can get your copy in shops now (also look out for the special bumper pack with Diecast Collector), order online or read the digital version by searching for Collectors Gazette in the App Store for Apple devices or Google Play Store and head to the Pocket Mags website.

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