Collectors Gazette helps solve the puzzle of the Mystery Star Wars Box

16 October 2014
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Find out what's inside the mystery white box... without actually opening it. ...
Collectors Gazette helps solve the puzzle of the Mystery Star Wars Box Images
A few weeks ago we came across YouTube user Toy Polloi - real name Dave Moss - who had got himself a bit of a problem. Afrer buying an unopended mail away Star Wars box from the internet about six years ago for £5, he was now interested to find out what was inside. However, rather than opening it and potentially spoiling this pristine piece, Dave was trying to work out what was inside without actually breaking the seal.

After weighing it, rattling it and asking other YouTube users, Dave was still at a loss... but never to be deterred by such a problem, we decided to do some research to find out if there was a way to uncover the mystery contents. After thinking about taking it to a hospital or running the risk of the security checks at an airport, we came across the Hounsfield Facility at the University of Nottingham.

Normally the Hounsfield Facility is concerned with serious science stuff, like producing 3D scans of plant root systems to see how different weather conditions affect their growth or creating detailed cutaway images of insects to help with studying their behaviour... so yes, all very important. However, it also has a state of the art x-ray machine that's capable of producing an incredibly detailed 3D image of objects and, vitally, could see through the cardboard and show us exactly what was inside. Intrigued by Dave's mystery they agreed to help and offered to scan the box.

So, what mystery figure was inside? Watch the video to find out more...

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