Coining it at C&T Auctioneers

14 April 2020
The C&T Auction sale in April was a must-attend event if Star Wars lights your particular candle.

The whole sale was given over the genre and anyone out there (in this galaxy or beyond) who feels that this collecting area has peaked might want to reconsider, once they’ve read the results…

It wasn’t all about those ubiquitous little blistered figurines, either – although to be fair, a number of lots of these did go under the hammer to find new homes. Somebody wanted the Palitoy (12a back card) Chewbacca enough to bid £3,300; a lot, I think you’ll agree, for a hairy inter-galactic traveller. A pair of caped Jawa figues illustrated the disparity between the French (Meccano) versions and the Palitoy types: the former realised £280 whilst the latter hit £1,800, comfortably exceeding its estimate of £800. A Sand People figure tailed off at just under £700 whilst a Greedo hit £1,150, proving that ugliness has its market, perhaps. Robots and droids did well, too: £1,750 won a R5 D4 whilst £1,900 was called for to secure the Death Star Droid. Slightly more won the box on legs that was labelled a Power Droid; I guess you pays your money and you takes your choice… Far and away from all these humdrum examples, though, was the The Power of The Force Anakin Skywalker with a special collectors coin on an unpunched 92 backed card. Anakin Skywalker was the last of the 92 figure run of the original Star Wars Kenner series, and was available as a mail away item. The example with the coin at C&T was a Canadian release and limited to the year 1985; it was never sold in the US, making it one of the rarest production figures in The Power of The Force type. If you need to know, it was contested to £4,000.

Away from the figurines, a Darth Vader head collector case, with 24 figures, made £170; and a Dagobah playset in good boxed condition realised £220. A return of the Jedi Tri-Logo B-wing fighter, with a lovely box, original packing pieces and with all the contents still in bags, don’t come much better than this, which accounted for the winning bid of £380, exceeding the estimate of £280. And finally, for the collector who has everything, how about a pair of Return of the Jedi Darth Vader roller skates? Yes, really – from 1983 and boxed, they were a steal at £50.

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