Classic Tri-ang and Hornby Railways Adverts

26 November 2012
imports_CCGB_screen-shot-2012-11-13-at-12.41.41_82039.png Classic Tri-ang and Hornby Railways Adverts
We dig into the archives to uncover some wonderful old adverts featuring a range of vintage models. ...

Fancy a trip down memory lane? Then you should take a look at this selection of classic TV adverts from Hornby. Although we must admit that we're not sure about the opening whispering voice repeating "trains... trains..." we do love these wonderful old adverts and we're sure they'll bring back some fond memories.

Take a look through the video below and let us know if you remember any of these adverts. Perhaps seeing one of these resulted in a rushed letter to Santa, begging for a brand new Tri-ang Hornby train set! Also, wouldn't it be great if Hornby brought back the Tri-ang Minic Motorway sets, we've seen a lot of these at toy fairs and they're absolutely brilliant.

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We've also come across these classic adverts on YouTube too.