Celebrating our 40th birthday!

18 October 2018
40th-09499.jpg Birthday
If you travel back in time forty years you arrive at 1978.

If you travel back in time forty years you arrive at 1978. The year that Anna Ford became the female newsreader on ITN, that Prince Andrew sailed off to join the Royal Navy, Dallas and Grange Hill appeared on our television screens for the first time, a pint down the local pub cost the equivalent of 40p and the average weekly wage was about £32.

1978 also saw the very first issue of Collectors Gazette hit newsagent shelves all over the country too.

The design, size and price may be very different to the magazine that you are reading today but the content was remarkably similar. Swapmeets and event reports filled the pages, while some of the advertisers will be familiar to you even now: Cheltenham Model Centre, Lacy Scott & Knight, Vectis and J&J Webb all appeared, although in black and white rather than in today’s full technicolour glory.

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