Celebrating five decades of trucking

20 January 2021
Speedbird Models commissioned to produce a superb new set for J&M Murdoch

WITH its successful release of a model produced for J&M Murdoch back in 2011, Speedbird Models is delighted to have been commissioned to produce a superb 50th Anniversary Set for the company, jointly commemorating the milestones of J&M Murdoch's 50th Anniversary alongside that of Volvo and Scania in the UK.

Featuring the Volvo FH04 Globetrotter XL in Murdoch's 50th Anniversary commemorative livery, Volvo FH04 Ailsa Edition and Scania R-Series Golden Griffin, the set is priced at £240.00, including free UK delivery - an incredible price when considering what these units would be usually priced at individually

To find out more, and to pre-order, visit Speedbird’s website at www.speedbirdmodels.co.uk, or give the company a call on 01359 232667.

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