Bumper month from BBR

06 October 2016
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Bumper month from BBR
Bumper month from BBR Images

Press releases have flooded in this month, with news of eight new high-end model releases.
1 The first is a 1/43 scale rendering of the Ferrari 488GTE. This big-wing racecar is shown as supplied by Ferrari before the sponsorship decals are applied by the new owners.

2 Sebastian Vettel’s 2016 Ferrari SF-16H Formula 1 car is offered as a 230-piece limited edition in 1/18 scale. It comes in a display case and has incredible attention to detail.

3 BBR have also modelled the 1982 Ferrari 208 GTB Turbo. This was Ferrari’s first foray into road-going turbocharged cars and this 1/18 scale model of the 208 is limited to 437 pieces.

4 The Huayra BC is the latest version of the Pagani hypercar. Offered in Metallic Pearl white, this 1/18 scale model is offered as a limited edition of just 99 pieces.

5 The red and yellow Ferrari 250GT is a model of the car that won 1st place in the GT class and 3rd overall at the 1959 Le Mans 24 hour race. Again, this is a 1/18 scale car and the production run is limited to 300 pieces.

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6 The black Ferrari 250GT was built by Pininfarina as a one off for Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands in 1957. Just 200 pieces of this model will be made in 1/18 scale.

7 BBR have also announced another 150 piece limited run of the 1967 Le Mans entered Ferrari 275GTB of Scuderia Filippinetti. Again, it’s a 1/18 scale car.

8 Finally, a super-limited run of 54 Ferrari 365s will be made, depicting the car previously owned by the actor Charles Bronson. Details of this 1/18 masterpiece, along with details of all the other releases can be found at www.bbrmodels.it