Brooklin Collectors Guide (Volume 2) goes on sale

13 January 2021
Brooklin Models reveals that the second volume of its much-admired Collectors Guide series is on sale now.

It is a very high-quality publication, with more than 160 pages telling the history of British and Swedish Car Models, covering Lansdowne and Robeddie collections.

A must-have for the Brooklin enthusiasts, and a beautiful book to have in your collection, it weighs it an a hefty 2kg and is 32.8 x 24.8 cm, with a thickness of 2cm.

Volume 1 covers American car models, and the Brooklin, Brooklin Limited, Buick, and Pontiac collections are described. However, Brooklin production is not limited to American cars, so, to fill the gap, Volume 2 has been made to cover Lansdowne and Robeddie collections plus other Brooklin products in different areas.

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Priced at £39.00, go to to find out more and to place your order.