Booming good business at Vectis

07 July 2021
Collectables are becoming even more... well, collectable!
Booming good business at Vectis Images

If Vectis’ auction results are anything to go by, collectables are becoming even more collectable.

Its recent rash of sales included a Corgi Toys rotating shop display stand, made from clear plastic with a yellow "Corgi Toys" to the top of the sign. This realised £900. A French Dinky Military 823 GMC Tanker in drab green and with a few small marks to the bonnet came with its bagged accessories and was in a good box: clearly desirable, this settled on £576, way over estimate. Still on French Dinky, the Saviem Trafic SB2 Horse Box in blue and white and tan must have surprised many: complete with sulky and rider and factory packet for reins and stickers, this galloped away to make £900, or four times estimate.

For racing buffs, the Corgi GS15 Silverstone Racing Layout Gift Set was only fair to good and the general assembly instructions were missing. Box was reasonable but here clearly was a set to improve upon. Despite these drawbacks, enough people wanted it and the layout finally stopped on £1,800.

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But, as is so often the case, it was Han and his mates who stole the show. The Palitoy Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back vintage Boba Fett 3 3/4" figure was on an un-punched 41 back card ("with figures" scribbled out in biro below the Star Destroyer playset text, apparently done at the factory). Estimated at £3,000-5,000, Boba made £6,960.

The same film’s Darth Vader 3 3/4" figure was on a similar card and featured the same factory error. Again, those in the know wanted this aberration, in this case to the tune of £5,040.

Finally, the Jawa. Vectis reckoned that £2,500-3,400 would cover him (it?) but in the event the collectors knew otherwise, pushing the tiny chap to a dizzy £6,240. May the overdraft be with you…