Bidders go bust

09 September 2016
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Bidders go bust
Bidders go bust Images

In order to back up our claims that Ghostbusters toys are becoming increasingly collectable, we spotted a quartet of vintage Ghostbusters toys that all sold for well above their estimates at East Bristol Auctions in July.

Spread through the auction were the four original Ghostbusters 3 ¾ action figures: Egon Spengler, Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz and Winston Zeddemore. All were on their original card backs and were estimated at £30 to £50 but sold for £75, £100, £90 and £160, respectively. You can read all about the other Kenner Real Ghostbusters toys on page 22.

Elsewhere there was an unusual lot in the form of a Marx Sonic Ear. This rare toy from the 1970s was actually an electronic sound amplifier that could receive directional sound up to 180ft… perfect for spying on the neighbours. “That kid next door has got that weird toy out again Barbara…” The auctioneer noted these toys were only made for a limited time, so that explains the impressive £320, after being estimated at £80 to £120.

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Continuing the sci-fi theme was a Mego Star Trek USS Enterprise Action Playset. This “giant 24-inch long command center” had various hi-tech consoles with a captain’s chair and six different video screens that could be slotted into a special viewer. Complete with its original – slightly scruffy-looking – box it sold for £95.