Bertoia Basics

19 May 2017
pic5-21144.jpg Bertoia website
Bertoia Auctions is branching out with a new series of sales designed expressly for live-online and absentee bidding. Known as “Bertoia Basics,” the auctions will offer collectors at all levels an additional way to buy fine toys and trains using only real-time internet and absentee-bidding methods.

“The auctions will be held during the months that fall between our major sales. That way our customers can add to their collections year round and be assured they will still receive the same level of quality service they’ve come to count on when buying from us,” said Bertoia’s owner, Jeanne Bertoia.
Each Bertoia Basics auction will be a one-day event in which registered bidders can participate either absentee or live online in an otherwise traditionally structured auction. Absentee bids may be lodged anytime before the auction, either by calling Bertoia’s gallery or placing the bid online. On auction day, lots will be introduced for real-time online bidding in consecutive numerical order, exactly as though they were being presented to a live gallery audience.
More details can be found online at or

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