Beaufort Scale impending for Aviation Archive

05 January 2022
A much requested addition to the Aviation Archive range has arrived

A much requested addition to the Aviation Archive range, here is a first look, thanks to Corgi's Diecast Diaries blog, at the latest pre-production sample model produced from its new 1/72nd scale Bristol Beaufort Mk.I tooling. Still subject to production improvements, it nevertheless already looks superb.

In the months preceding the beginning of World War II, the most effective anti-shipping torpedo-equipped aircraft available to the British military was the Fairey Swordfish biplane and whilst this would actually prove to be an exceptionally capable aircraft during the war, the RAF were in desperate need of a powerful, modern torpedo bomber, and the ability to mount long range maritime strike operations. The Beaufort is significant by the fact that it was the only monoplane produced for the Royal Air Force which was designed from the outset as a torpedo bomber and reconnaissance aircraft.

Destined to land in the Aviation Archive range during the first quarter of 2022, AA28901 is priced at £78.99. Pre-orders can be placed at or through your preferred retailer.

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