BAYKO exhibition at the Museum of Liverpool

16 January 2014
imports_CCGB_empire-state-building_85779.jpg BAYKO exhibition at the Museum of Liverpool
A range of models on display to celebrate the 80th anniversary of BAYKO. ...
BAYKO exhibition at the Museum of Liverpool Images
Construction toy enthusiasts will want to know that BAYKO's 80th anniversary exhibition will be held in the Museum of Liverpool, over May 16-19. BAYKO was produced at various locations in Liverpool, mainly between 1934 and 1964, and is now coming home!

The museum already exhibits BAYKO, and houses Leo Jenssen's mighty Empire State Building and Speke Airport Building models. Other exhibits include a spectacular display of the Liverpool Overhead Railway - also known as the docker's umbrella - and the architect's model of the original plan for Liverpool's Catholic Cathedral.

BAYKO offerings will include a wide range of models, large and small, many making their public debut, and will cover a wide range of architectural periods in addition to the core business of suburbia: fans of Downton Abbey won’t be disappointed! There will also be a wide range of BAYKO sets on display, from the very earliest to the latest, along with point of sale ephemera. 

For the historian there will be a series of short talks on various aspects of BAYKO and related subjects, supporting the educational objectives of the museum. There will also be plenty of BAYKO Collectors Club members in attendance to bring the exhibition to life and talk about their favourite subject.

The museum’s opening hours are 10:00 to 17:00, with a late night on Friday. The exhibition will be on the first floor of the museum, within a large room, and entry to the museum is free. More details from

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