Bassett-Lowke book launch at Sandown Toy Fair

10 May 2013
imports_CCGB_frontcoverlowres_20347.jpg Bassett-Lowke book launch at Sandown Toy Fair
Graham de Chastelain's new collecting book limited to just 250 number copies ...
During the Sandown Park Toy Collectors Fair on Saturday, 1st June, model railway enthusiasts will have a prime opportunity to pick up a brand new book that covers the fascinating history of Bassett-Lowke locomotives. In Bassett-Lowke The Gauge 0 Locomotives, long time collector Graham de Chastelain has produced a lavish photographic record of these models so sought after today.

From the locomotives made in Germany for Bassett-Lowke more than 100 years ago to the very last ones built in Northampton during the 1960s, in trawling through his own collection and those of his friends, Graham has brought together some of the best examples from this famous company’s production.

Many of the larger Bassett-Lowke locomotives were made in very small numbers and as they become harder to find, the importance of a book depicting them in glorious colour can only grow. It is, as Allen Levy states in his foreword, a book long overdue. It could become a collectors item itself! Graham will launch his book at the Sandown Park Toy Collectors Fair on Saturday 1st June. Priced at £35, it will be strictly limited to 250 numbered copies. Afterwards, the book will be available at all BP Fairs while stocks last.
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