Avengers Assemble: New Marvel Collectables Available from Mother's Basement

17 September 2012
imports_CCGB_marvelselectantivenom_76024.jpg Marvel Select Anti-Venom
With the Avengers available on DVD today, celebrate with some Marvel models. ...
Avengers Assemble: New Marvel Collectables Available from Mother's Basement Images

With the Avengers Assemble out on DVD/Blu-ray today (we're rushing out at lunch to grab our copy), it seems apt that TV, film and comic book collectable store Mother's Basement has sent over some details about a host of new Marvel comic collectables that are available to buy right now. The figures are the latest in Marvel's popular Select range and cover a range of comics, from Spider-Man to X-Men.

Marvel Select DeadpoolFirst up is, the 'Merc With a Mouth', Deadpool - seen to your left. An exciting draw for fans of the comic book character. This Marvel Select release will come with an armoury of accessories, displayed on (but removable from) the diorama base. It retails for £18.99, as do the others featured here.

If you're a gambling man, then perhaps Gambit from the X-Men would be more your style. While his debut was shrouded in mystery he quickly became one of the most popular members of the team! Featuring Marvel Select's standard 16 points of articulation, as well as multiple hands and accessories. Gambitcomes with the same danger room base as Cyclops so you can create a mini diorama.

Marvel Select CyclopsTalking of Cyclops, the leader of the X-Men is now also available to purchase. This seven-inch tall Marvel Select Action Figure features the mutant in his most famous classic look. It features an interchangeable unmasked head, multiple points of articulation and a Danger Room base for the ultimate X-Men display. Continuing the X-Men theme, you can also grab an impressive Juggernaut figure too.

Moving away from mutants, Anti-Venom is one of the new models now available too. A fresh take on a classic villain, this seven-inch action figure release features Anti-Venom. From the pages of the Amazing Spider-Man comics, Anti-Venom is featured with a deluxe symbiote base and multiple points of articulation- making this Marvel Select release a sure-fire hit. Anti Venom comes with a detailed display base in oversized collector packaging, and is only available on the specialty market.

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Finally at Mother's Basement you can also pick up the Incredible Hulk's arch enemy: Abomination. Emil Blonsky became the hideous creature known as Abomination when his attempt to become the next Incredible Hulk went horribly wrong. Forced to remain in his grotesque form, The Abomination is at times even more powerful than the Hulk - though getting angry has no effect! This unstoppable Marvel Select Abomination stands over nine-inches tall and features multiple points of articulation, plus a deluxe display base to showcase the fantastic sculpt!

To order these figures or for more details, make sure you check the Mother's Basement website.

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