Auctioneer video spotlight - Sheffield Auction Gallery

01 May 2014
imports_CCGB_dan-dare-large_13762.jpg Auctioneer video spotlight - Sheffield Auction Gallery
We get a first look at Sheffield Auction Gallery's brand new saleroom. ...
Auctioneer video spotlight - Sheffield Auction Gallery Images
With the collectable market continuing to grow in popularity we guess it should really come as no surprise to see that auctioneers are increasing their toy sales and expanding their salerooms. After all, there are only so many diecast models and locomotives you can cram into a small space.

One of the latest auctioneers to open a new showroom is Sheffield Auction Gallery. The large room offers plenty of space for viewing items, along with great lighting so you can see all the fine details on collectables, plus a dedicated auction space with seats and rostrum. We were lucky enough to get a tour round the new venue ahead of its first ever sale (it was so fresh you could even smell the paint), which just happened to be the Specialist Collectable Toy Auction.

What's more, specialist valuer and auctioneer John Morgan was on-hand to introduce us to the expanded venue and choose some of the highlights in the auction, including a particularly rare Dinky Volvo and a superb collection of Dan Dare memorabilia. Make sure you watch the video below!

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