Auction Price Guide: Toys, Games and Other Collectables

09 May 2013
imports_CCGB_197_24706.jpg Auction Price Guide: Toys, Games and Other Collectables
Subbuteo, Meccano and more among the lots sold at Aston's Toy Auctions. ...
Auction Price Guide: Toys, Games and Other Collectables Images
After already taking a look at the diecast and TV and film lots sold during Aston's 20th April sale, today we're rounding up some of the prices achieved for toys, game and other collectables. Below you can see a selection of the best lots and the prices realised, descriptions are taken from the Aston's catalogue. Make sure you keep checking Collectors Club of Great Britain for more auction price guides!

Four electronic games: Tomytronic 3D Thundering Turbos; Grandstand Flyer BMX; Grandstand Cave Man; CGL Galaxy Invader 10000. Overall appear G in G boxes. Sold for £120, Aston's, April.

Meccano No.8 Set, contains various red/blue/green parts, and instructions for outfits: #5; #5A; #6; #6A; #7 and 8, and various loose pages missing covers. Contained in F box with splits to corners of lid. Together with a box of additional Meccano parts. Sold for £40, Aston's, April.

Jeep Pompiers avec Remorque Citerne: mechanical tinplate fire engine with tanker. Length 26cm. G/F, some age-wear/paint loss, in working order. Contained in VG illustrated box. Sold for £35, Aston's, April.

Subbuteo Table Soccer Continental Club Edition. Appears G/VG (player missing) in VG box. Together with C102 Goalie Set (VG in VG box) and two Subbuteo teams: Albion (player missing from base); #49 (two players unattached from bases), both in VG boxes. Sold for £25, Aston's, April.

Aladdin Industries (USA) Tom Corbett ''Space Cadet'' lunch-box tin, c.1950s: contains drinks flask with colourful lithographed design, measures 20cm x 18cm x 9cm. F condition with some paint loss/corrosion around edges, flask is in G condition. Sold for £35, Aston's, April.

King Seeley Thermos Co. lunch-box tin, c.1960s: lithographed detail to exterior depicts space-related scenes. Measures 22cm x 17cm x 10cm. Good bright example with some minor paint loss, red pen to side and interior, and some corrosion to interior. Sold for £30, Aston's, April.

HK Toys Super Moon Explorer Robot: plastic battery operated robot with clear plastic visor with human face behind, opening chest to reveal guns. Appears G/VG, breast plate needs re-attaching as appears loose, in G/VG box. Sold for £80, Aston's, April.

Mattel Major Matt Mason: Space Crawler (appears complete and in working order, G with instructions in G/F box with black stain to one corner, no inner card);Space Bubble (G/F with instructions in G box, no inner card); Firebolt Space Cannon (G, in working order, missing radar antenna, in G box, no instructions or inner card). Sold for £75, Aston's, April.

Kamco Saturn the 13'' giant walking Robot: plastic battery operated robot with light-up chest panel. Appears VG, although corroded battery stuck in battery compartment, in G box. Sold for £15, Aston's, April.

Technofix (W.Germany) 303 Mechanical Cable Car Set: comprises tinprinted base with two cable cars and two cars. Length 47cm. Clockwork operation in working order, VG condition in G box with a couple of small tears to lid. Superb example. Sold for £80, Aston's, April.

Lego System Set, contained in blue card box with sections. Appears G (no vehicles) in VG box with outer Lego trade box. Sold for £30, Aston's, April.

Tri-ang/Deluxe Topper Toys Johnny Seven One Man Army Gun: large scale plastic gun 'Seven Guns in One', with retractable bipod, a grenade and two rockets (no missiles). Overall G+ condition, some wear to chrome parts, in F box. Sold for £170, Aston's, April.

Merit Space Pilot Super-Sonic Gun: plastic battery operated hard plastic gun in black, yellow and red. Appears complete although needs some reassembling, parts are in G condition (one tail fin snapped off). Contained in VG illustrated box with yellow card insert. Sold for £50, Aston's, April.

Tri-ang Minic MO12 1/20 scale Vanwall Racing Car: plastic battery operated model in British Racing green with driver, RN '26'. Length 21cm. Overall G/F, exhaust pipe taped on, three screws in chassis missing, battery compartment is clean but cover missing. Contained in G box with surface tear to one end of lid and tape to sides, with colourful Tri-ang Minic catalogue and Model Cars fold-out leaflet. Sold for £95, Aston's, April.

Ideal Zeroids Zerak the Blue Destroyer Robot: battery operated plastic robot with rubber tracks, and hook hands with two interchangeable hands in case. Height 16cm. Appears G, tracks intact, with grey plastic box and yellow reversing ramp. Sold for £55, Aston's, April.

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