Atlas launches jet collection

03 February 2017
Vulcan-and-Box-85197.jpg Vulcan and box
Global creator of specialist themed collections and miniature models Atlas Editions is launching a new diecast model collection of 'Jet Age' military aircraft.

The inspiring Avro Vulcan Bomber, flew its final flight in 2015, has been chosen as the first iconic aircraft to launch the collection.

The authentic diecast model is an exact replica of the XM607 model and has been made from carefully researched and crafted moulds. The XM607 flew in the Falklands War in 1982 and took part in the successful ‘Black Buck’ operations. The model is 1/144 scale and eight and ¾ inches long.

The Avro Vulcan Bomber was the most advanced plane of its day, topping its American and Russian counterparts. The aircraft was the spearhead of Britain’s Cold War nuclear strike force and became a modern icon of its age. The aircraft was conceived at the dawn of the ‘Jet Age’ and ensured that an exhausted, war weary Britain would steal a march on her Cold War allies and enemies.

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Guy Stainthorpe, Managing Director of Atlas Editions, said: “We are excited to launch the Jet Age Military Aircraft Collection, created as a direct response from the British public to bring the iconic Jet Military Aircraft to life as diecast metal models. With its sweeping Delta wings and deafening jet engine roar, at any airshow the Avro Vulcan was an aircraft that always got the crowd on its feet and is a true British great. It is only fitting that almost two years after the last Avro Vulcan flight, we have created a quality miniature model allowing admirers everywhere to own and display some of the finest Military Aircraft of their time in their own homes.”

The collection is available now direct from Atlas Editions.