All change in the Peaks

27 May 2021
New collecting enterprise opens in Matlock
All change in the Peaks Images

After 10 years as the Head of the Specialist Collectors Department at Sheffield Auction Gallery, John Morgan has stepped down in order to return to his other 'career'....'Retail'. However the connection and the passion stays the same and that is the world of collectable toys and models. 

'My ten years at Sheffield has been the most incredible journey, I have met some incredible people, been able to bring some wonderful product to the market and been part of the success story Sheffield Auction Gallery has become' commented John. 'However the challenges we have all faced and are facing through Covid meant a time of reflection and in my own mind a time of opportunity and change' continued John. 

One of the output's of John's thinking was the 'Vintage Toy Exchange' a retail enterprise on the edge of the Peak District in Matlock, Derbyshire. Matlock is very much part of the 'staycation' and day trip tourist scene and John's shop caters for all from the serious collector, the dealer and the casual visitor being drawn into that impulse purchase and nostalgia. Keeping the balance of stock right seems to draw on nearly all John's 40 years experience in the toy collecting world. 

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As John confirms with a wry smile if you cannot make Derbyshire this summer, you can always bring VTE Derbyshire to you via the opportunities of the internet ( Without doubt the internet has been the saviour and route of so much over the last 18 months, so where does that leave the traditional area I suspect we should explore further with John in the coming months.