A world record Jawa for Vectis

07 June 2017
jawa-14913.jpg Jawa
Almost 40 years ago a film was released which changed cinematic history forever.

Almost 40 years ago a film was released which changed cinematic history forever.

It laid down a foundation for what was to follow and catapulted film merchandising within the toy genre into the stratosphere.  The film’s explosion in popularity spawned collector’s clubs, forums, a language, costume conventions, books, magazines, an immeasurable number of websites and limitless interest.

The anniversary date of 25 May coincided with the second day of a TV and film related toy sale at Vectis Auctions. It was also the day that a small but perfectly formed plastic action figure broke a world record - the final price of £21,600 is the highest price ever paid for a Palitoy Star Wars Jawa figure at auction.

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Vintage Palitoy Star Wars carded figures are amongst some of the most sought after toy collectables, with the vinyl cape Jawa being one of the rarest, especially when found in its original packaging. The plastic cape figure (one of only a handful known to exist), was the first issue of this diminutive figure, marketed for a very short period of time before being replaced by the more common dark brown, brushed nylon cape edition Jawa.

The pre-sale estimate of £8,000 was blown out of the water prior to the sale when a keen pre-bidder pushed the opening price up to £11,000. Brisk bidding from a bank of telephone bidders, room bidders plus globally via the live bidding internet platform resulted in the impressive amount.

Kathy Taylor, Star Wars expert at Vectis said “Star Wars memorabilia is currently the most sought after franchise that we have ever seen here at Vectis Auctions. Interest is particularly high as it is the 40th anniversary of the initial release of the first film. Within our regular TV and film related sales we see everything from to higher value items such as the Harbert Jawa Carded Figure, which sold recently for over £10,000, to the more quirky items that raise eyebrows. In the past Vectis sold a Star Wars pencil sharpener for over £200 and a plastic carrier bag with a Palitoy Star Wars logo on for £240.  The collector is interested in everything from the history of the toys which would include Palitoy factory paperwork to the vast selection of collectables which encompasses toys, film props, posters, images, clothing etc. This is not just a UK phenomenon. On auction day our telephone and live internet bidders come from all four corners of the globe”.

The day became a bit of a ‘Jawa Fest’ as also included in the sale were two other rare Jawa figures – a Kenner Star Wars vintage vinyl cape Jawa, AFA Archival Graded C80 B85 F85 85NM+, which sold for £9000; and a Palitoy Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Jawa vintage 3 3/4" figure, in very near mint condition, which sold for £5280.