A trio of trucks from Search Impex

17 February 2023
The customised promotional model vehicle specialist has announced new 1/50 scale truck models
A trio of trucks from Search Impex Images

Customised promotional model vehicle specialist, Search Impex, has announced a trio of brand new 1/50 scale truck models, all produced exclusively for Search Impex by WSI Models as a certificated limited edition.

First up is the 1/50 Scale Scania S590 V8 High (6x2, single wheel tag axle) tractor unit with 3 axle, refrigerated trailer, customised in the distinctive livery of Scottish operator and seafood specialist, D R Collin & Son Ltd. This is a certificated limited edition (155 pieces), priced at £160 each (including UK delivery & VAT).  This is also the first time an official production run of models has been commissioned by this well-known operator.

“Alfie’s Pride” is a 1/50 scale Scania S450 High (6x2), complete with curtain trailer, customised in the well-known livery of Scottish based operator Hayton Coulthard. The models have been produced as a certificated Limited Edition (205 pieces), priced at £163 each (including UK delivery & VAT).

Finally there is “Jimmy’s Legend”, a 1/50 scale Scania S 770 High 6x2, single wheel tag axle, tractor unit and 3 axle, walking floor trailer, customised in the instantly recognisable livery of Scottish operator, Yuill & Dodds. Note, the trailer model has been based on WSI’s existing walking floor trailer, not a Titan walking floor, as per the real life trailer. Yuill & Dodds is fully aware of this and accept that there are some differences in specification between the model and its actual walking floor trailer. Commissioned to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the company, this is a certificated limited edition (305 pieces), priced at £169 each (including UK delivery & VAT).

“Jimmy’s Legend” (on which the model is based) and “Tish’s Tribute”, (with fleet numbers 1 & 2, respectively), have recently been added to this Scottish operator’s fleet. These top end of the range, high spec trucks have both been traditionally hand-signwritten and are beautifully completed with two different airbrushings to the backs of the cabs. The airbrushing on “Jimmy’s Legend” is something of a nod to the past.

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Yuill & Dodds’ trucks will already be well-known to many model collectors and lorry enthusiasts alike and this model release will certainly make a very attractive addition to any model truck collection.

For details of availability of these and other models, collectors can visit the Search Impex website, at www.search-impex.co.uk, or call on 01332 873555.