A new-look for the Armourer

02 March 2017
ARM_April17_with-keyline-for-web-72369.jpg front cover
Out now...

Warners Group Publishing has combined the Armourer and Classic Arms & Militaria magazines to create one, larger and better, monthly magazine, dedicated to military history and collecting. The new magazine is dedicated to bringing you the stories behind the medals, weapons and uniforms of conflicts throughout history, starting this month with The Siege of Tobruk. It was in April 1941 that a rag tag group of Allied forces at a small seaport in Libya were to defy the might of Rommel’s Afrika Korps. Discover the story of the heroic defenders and find out how you can own militaria from the forces involved and even visit the battlefield today.

The new magazine has features on the weapons and story behind the French invasion of Wales in the 18th century, the tool of medieval warfar, the siege tower, and how a pair of brothers came to win DSO medals in WWI.

Other new features include collectors showing off their prized militaria, and in this issue that include Hermann Göring’s own Combined Pilot’s medal. The Armourer pays a visit to the Lincs Aviation Centre, the home of the WWII Lancaster bomber, Just Jane, there is enhanced auction news and sales coverage and you can even win a copy of the massive, wrist-straining, Tigers in Combat III.
The all-new Armourer, incorporating Classic Arms & Militaria is on sale now.

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