WEB EXCLUSIVE: Extra pictures from Wimborne Fair

18 March 2011
imports_CCGB_crowd-photo_37660.jpg WEB EXCLUSIVE: Extra pictures from Wimborne Fair
Extra photographs from the Wimborne Fair swapmeet attended by David Boxall. ...
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Extra pictures from Wimborne Fair Images

This is an excerpt of the Wimborne swapmeet first published in Collectors Gazette's April issue. To see which issues of Collectors Gazette are available to buy, click here.


The Wimborne Fair is held in Queen Elizabeth’s School and was taken over by David Rees and Jason Davies just over three years ago. While it has always been an interesting show with a very friendly atmosphere, it seemed to be larger than ever this time.

The current team has managed to develop a show which has a wide variety of traders selling all sorts of items from new to old. There were at least two tables that I came across that were not regular traders as such but were locals wishing to clear parts of collections.

There were almost 40 traders at the event, minus two or three last-minute cancellations, and most seemed quite busy – buying selling or swapping models and exchanging information. As usual people had come from miles around and traders had travelled from all over the south west.

Terry Mathews of Abajack Models carried a good range of new mixed items, including a Gemini Jets RAF Phantom on sale for £42. Terry’s table was very colourful and an instant ‘draw’, he has been supporting Wimborne for over 10 years and was getting a lot of attention.

Next door was David Mayner, a well-known figure at all the toy fairs in this area. Travelling from Bournemouth, this was a local event that he is keen to support.

Organiser: David Rees and Jason Davies
Next event: 10th April


Ben Lyon and Sue Dean of 'Eaypwam'.










Ben Lyon' stall.







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Dave and Mike Thorne's stand.










Ian Shave's stall.










Pete Young's stand.