Vintage James Bond collectables and what they are worth

08 March 2012
imports_CCGB_james-bond-clip_98858.jpg Vintage James Bond collectables and what they are worth
Jim Stevenson takes a look at the most popular James Bond collectables and toys that have been released over the years. ...

It is hard to believe that 50 years have gone by since I went along to my local cinema to see a brand new spy film featuring a special agent called James Bond, who had a prefix, 007, license to kill.

The title of the film was ‘Dr No’, and the actor who played the part of Bond was Sean Connery, who in those days was a little known actor from north of the border.

As a young lad of 15, I had no idea what was in store. But, by the end of the film, I was a fan, and still am to this day. The year was 1962, and this year being 2012 means that James Bond is celebrating his 50th anniversary.

Many actors have played the role of 007 over the years but, for my generation, the only Bond is Connery. The guy had it all, including a Scottish father, like the character he was playing!

The films since ‘Dr No’ have given birth to a range of merchandise that has become one of the most popular forms of collecting.

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The vintage toys from the 1960s are now serious investment items much prized by their owners and sought after by today’s new generation of collectors.

Here are some of the best collectable toys from the Connery era for you to enjoy. The most popular categories are usually figures, vehicles and weapons.

The man himself
Let’s start with figures. Pictured is Connery as 007 as produced by the Gilbert Toys Co (USA) for the Sears catalogue of 1965. It is a complete change from the standard Gilbert issue.

The box art is unique, showing Connery in a tuxedo. It also features a knife kicking shoe plus an attaché case. Also shown is a selection of accessories, like his jet pack and sniper rifle, which were sold separately. The Bond figure is dressed in a tuxedo instead of the t-shirt and shorts it wore in the standard issue...

PICTURED RIGHT Gilbert Toys’ version of Sean Connery as 007.

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