Toy Figure Focus recent new releases from Beau Geste (June-11)

30 May 2011
imports_CCGB_bg-1_50142.jpg Toy Figure Focus recent new releases from Beau Geste (June-11)
A selection of new releases from the latest Toy Figure Focus (June-11). ...
Toy Figure Focus recent new releases from Beau Geste (June-11) Images

Beau Geste

Now and again Toy Figure Focus does something a little different and takes an in-depth look at a specific maker and its ranges.

When I first saw the charming, gloss painted 1/32 scale metal figures from enterprising Argentinean maker (yes – they are based in Argentina!) Beau Geste, I felt they were something special. Over the years Ana Donzino and her team have continued to produce splendid sets of figures right up there with the very best. This has been despite personal tragedy when Daniel, Ana’s husband and partner in the company, died suddenly. Ana felt that he would have wanted Beau Geste to continue and, bravely putting her heartache aside, she kept the company going.

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The Donzinos are two of the leading model soldier makers in Argentina and have been manufacturing their own brand of metal military miniatures, Donzino & Donzino, since 1982. The present company has its origins in Beau Geste-Donzino & Fernández (SH), which began importing, distributing and retailing military subject books and toy and model soldiers back in the early 1980s. Daniel and Ana Donzino and Cristián Fernández were the original partners.

Their BG figures were distributed in Europe by Beau Geste Agents, and in the US by The Red Lancer. With the increased popularity of its products, the company moved its workshop to Núñez and its staff grew to five people and five painters.

Beau Geste’s current lines cover a wide historical spread. They are, in no particular order: French Foreign Legion; the Durbar series, splendid sets concerned with this colourful spectacle of the Indian Raj; American Civil War; Napoleonic Wars and a specific sub-series Colonial (Overseas) Regiments in the Napoleonic Wars; 18th Century; 19th Century; American War of Independence; The Four Feathers; South Lands; and Honour Bound. They also have an associate line, Sweet Moments, which covers civilian rather than military subjects...

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