Toy Figure Focus recent new releases (April-11)

23 March 2011
imports_CCGB_tff-05_36599.jpg Toy Figure Focus recent new releases (April-11)
A selection of news from the latest Toy Figure Focus (April-11). ...
Toy Figure Focus recent new releases (April-11) Images

*This is an excerpt from the regular section Toy Figure Focus first published in Collectors Gazette's April issue. To see which issues of Collectors Gazette are available to buy online, click here


Wilson Edward

Craig and Jason Pearse are the men behind Wilson Edward Toy Soldiers of Australia. The company produces a staggering range of 54mm white metal hand-painted miniatures. The range focuses mainly on Australian military and historical subjects from colonial times to the 20th century. One theme is the Australian Colonial era, including items depicting the Eureka Stockade, Ned Kelly, various Australian military units, and a range covering Aussies in the Great War 1914-1918. A growing line of modern police is another theme, featuring models depicting elements of the Victoria Police such as the Special Operations Group and the Shrine of Remembrance Guards, and a wonderful model of 'Gendarme'; the Victoria Police drum horse complete with drums and rider.

There are a large number of Boxer Uprising sets, which are my particular favourites, covering all the Allies and, of course, the Imperial Chinese and the Boxers themselves, the cause of all the trouble. The sets range from single figures to small dioramas, with poses varying from action-packed to casual. A new line of US State Troopers and SWAT teams is also now available. For some really interesting and very nicely sculpted figures, these Aussies are well worth a look.

For a free fully-illustrated catalogue and prices, contact Wilson Edward Toy Soldiers.


Beau Geste

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A new Delhi Durbar set of the Elephant of Bundi has been released and what a splendid set it is! The Elephant of the Maharao Rajah of Bundi passed in front of the Jumma Masjid, during the Main Procession held at the Delhi Durbar, on 29th January 1902. Bundi is a district in the state of Rajasthan in north-west India; during the era of British rule, Bundi was a princely state. The Maharao Raja Sir Raghubir Singh (1869-1927) took the throne in 1889 after the death of his adopted father, Maharao Raja Ram Singh.

A quick reminder, Martin Ainscough is now the BG UK outlet. Though initially he will not have all figure releases in stock, the Beau Geste UK link page shows the sets he does have. He can also take orders for new figures. Martin has some retired sets too.




26th Plastic Warrior Show

The date for the 26th Plastic Warrior Show is Saturday 7th May. Plastic Warrior has been publishing magazines for plastic toy soldier collectors since 1985. This will be its 26th annual show, which is the oldest and longest-running toy soldier show in Europe. It will be held at the usual venue: Queen Charlotte Hall, Parkshot, Richmond, Surrey. This venue is just a short distance from central London and has a direct rail link from Heathrow airport.

There will be 60 tables with dealers and collectors from all over the world displaying and selling every type of plastic toy soldier and model figure in all scales: military and civilian; old and new; rare and common; pristine or tatty. This is the annual convention for Plastic Warrior readers to get together, but all collectors are welcome providing they like plastic figures, because there will be thousands of them there! The show opens to the public at 11am on 7th May.