Steven Clements takes over toy fair at Exeter Westpoint

15 January 2009
imports_CCGB_stevenclementspictured_75756.gif Steven Clements (pictured left) takes over the Exeter Westpoint event from Dave Jowett.
November's Exeter Westpoint Toy and Train Fair marked the end of the successful DJ Fairs' reign, the event now passing into the hands of Steven Clements. ...

Established back in 1996 by Dave Jowett and John Webb, 'Westpoint' is now the premier show in the south with a table capacity of 450 plus easy motorway access and level parking. Dave Jowett is now stepping back from full-time fair organising but continuing in the auction scene.

New organiser Steven Clements, of Steven Clements Fairs Ltd, welcomes the addition of this show to his calendar. 'Exeter has always been a great show and we have traded here since it started. It was the logical step to take it on and see it go from strength to strength. It's one of the "top six" fairs for size in the country and our aim is simple - to make it the best show south of the M4!

'Location and access are excellent and we want to build on that. We have several new ideas for the coming shows to benefit both the public and stallholders alike. We all need numbers through the door and customers with money in their pockets. In that respect stallholder costs and admission prices will remain the same for as long as possible. With now a total of 12 venues and over 70 shows per year there will be more expansion for us in 2009.'

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To contact Steven Clements Fairs Ltd please call 01380 725322.