Special Auction Services' September sale highlights

01 October 2012
imports_CCGB_dinkytoys514guyvans_23230.jpg Dinky Toys 514 Guy Van 'Slumberland', sold for £220.
A good day's trading for commercial vehicles at Special Auction Services ...

Special Auction Services held a very successful sale of Toys for the Collector on 6th September with some good prices achieved for Dinky and Matchbox models alike. We’d like to bring you some highlights from the commercial sections but for more information on each lot and the other 600+ items from the auction please see the SAS website at www.specialauctionservices.com

Lot 63

Dinky Toys No 418 Comet Wagon with hinged tailboard, with dark blue cab and light blue back and hubs in original yellow picture box, in excellent condition although light wear to corners. Sold for £130


Lot 68

Dinky Toys No 252 Refuse Wagon, with uncommon orange cab and grey back with green shutters and hubs, in original lemon yellow picture box, in excellent condition. Sold for £340

Lot 107

Dinky Toys No 514 Guy Van 'Lyons', in dark blue with mid blue ridged hubs and ‘Lyons Swiss Rolls’ to sides, in original blue card box with orange and white paper label, good condition. Sold for £220

Lot 124

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Dinky Toys No 514 Guy Van 'Spratt's', in original dark blue box with orange and white label, possibly factory retouching to lower part of van. Sold for £340

Lot 228

Matchbox Moko Lesney 1-75 series No 15 Diamond T Prime Mover, in uncommon yellow with hook, in original Moko Lesney box, a few very small paint chips, minor corrosion to axles, factory flaw above windscreen.Sold for £550

Lot 237

Matchbox Series No 72 Fordson Tractor, in blue with uncommon yellow hubs, in original picture box. Sold for £200

Lot 252

Tekno 439 Volvo Lumber Hauler, in dark and light green with wood load and chain, in original picture box. Sold for £130

Lot 254

Tekno 911 Mercedes-Benz ‘Kosangas’ Gas Truck, in yellow with violet blue chassis, gas cylinders and sack truck, in excellent condition.Sold for £160