SIKU release new diecast models in its farmer collection

09 August 2010
imports_CCGB_oneofsikusnewrelease_96364.gif One of SIKU's new releases
SIKU have added to their collection of diecast agricultural models. ...

SIKU’s popular farmer 1/32 range of agricultural models is growing to include the Joskin tipper trailer (No 2892) which features a 3-axle chassis in diecast metal. The tilting tipper with opening rear flap is made from sturdy plastic.

Also available is the traditional Massey-Ferguson MF8680 tractor (No 3270), also in 1/32 scale. Features include working steering mechanism, opening engine bonnet and SIKU coupling devices. The cabin is fully glazed and removable. Original detail wheel rims and tyres with agricultural track complete the look.

The Massey-Ferguson MF8690 tractor is being produced in 1/50 scale, with a high proportion of metal parts to make the toy hard wearing. The newly modelled rear coupling device makes it easy to link up with trailers to the same scale and any new agricultural devices.

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Another addition to the 1/50 series is the Fendt square baler (No 1964). The model has smooth-running wheels with rubber track tyres. The pick-up is mobile and square bales are supplied as accessories.

A New Holland 7070 tractor (No 1869) is available in the much smaller 1/87 scale. It has a removable cover, front weight and trailer couplings.

There are two additions to the 1/87 Super Series – a telescopic crane truck with 3-axle chassis and Scania driver’s cabin, plus a 3-axled winter service transporter with spreader from the Aebi-Schmidt range. In the Blister series, new items include a City Bus (No 1021), Truck with trailer (No 1075), and VW Scirocco (No 1442).