Show report: Figures by Timpo, Elastolin and Airfix spotted at Plastic Warrior Show 2011

26 July 2011
imports_CCGB_plastic_65731.jpg Show report: Figures by Timpo, Elastolin and Airfix spotted at Plastic Warrior Show 2011
Alwyn Brice reports from this year's well attended Plastic Warrior Show held in May. ...

This year’s Plastic Warrior Show had a lot of… er, plastic! Not really surprising, though, for this has to be the country’s premier event for anyone born in the 1960s, or later, and who is not so interested in lead.

On the big day in May, all the usual faces were present: indeed, some dealers only attend this event to sell their wares, since they are true specialists. And, while the Queen Charlotte Hall was only dimly lit during setting up, this merely served to make the early birds’ foraging that much more challenging.

Two German sellers had made the journey, one of whom was Frank Rossbach. His stall contained a wide selection of German Elastolin figures, in both 4cm and 7cm scales, as well as sundry Timpo plastic figures, mostly Wild West themed. Among the latter, which included some boxed wagons and buckboard vehicles, were some of the desirable over-moulded US Cavalry with white gloves: Frank had several variations available, ranging in price from £20-70.

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Another interesting item was the Timpo Frozen North window box set which contained an igloo, three Eskimos (one in a kayak), a polar bear and a seal: a collectable set, this was marked up at £120.

His two-horse 4cm Elastolin Stagecoach is a rarely sighted model and it was complete, apart from a missing passenger: sadly, the stage driver had been glued to one of the horses, which would have necessitated some delicate surgery to his buttocks to make good. This model was negotiable around £70. Otherwise, some small cannon and howitzers were £10-20...

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