September issue: Wings and Things - Dornier Do17 Z02

02 August 2010
imports_CCGB_wingsandthingsinassoc_95739.gif Wings and Things in association with Gemini Jets
One of the diecast model planes as featured in the September issue of 'Wings and Things' - the Dornier Do17 Z02. ...
September issue: Wings and Things - Dornier Do17 Z02 Images


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Dornier Do17 Z02
PRICE: £63 LIMIT: 1300
SCALE: 1/72 REF NO: AA38803

Corgi has pulled off a great colour scheme on this famous bomber by portraying it with peeling winter whitewash over the standard Luftwaffe RLM 70/71 greens. It wore the codes 5K+HR of 7./KG3 ‘Blitz’, during the unit’s service on the Russian Front, in 1941-42.

Crew figures and machine guns show through the large, framed cockpit glazing, and the model’s props and exhausts are very well executed.

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