September issue: Diecast Model of the Month - Ferrari 250LM

02 August 2010
imports_CCGB_ferrari250lm_93552.gif Ferrari 250LM
Our 'Top Diecast Model of the Month' - this issue, the stunning diecast replica by Hot Wheels Elite of the Ferrari 250LM. ...
September issue: Diecast Model of the Month - Ferrari 250LM Images

Hot Wheels Elite
Ferrari 250LM


Sporting a pugnacious appearance, Ferrari’s 250LM made its debut at the 1963 Paris Motor Show, but the production car wasn’t available until 1964. Just 32 were built in total, and this low production run excluded the type from all but the prototype class, in which it recorded 10 wins out of 35 entries. Under the bonnet sat a 3.3-litre engine which propelled the car to 183 mph.

This model from Hot Wheels has all the classy curves of the real car, and it seems no expense has been spared in relation to getting things bang-on. In contrast with the delicious red paint, fine chrome trim around the windscreen and wheels look perfectly in scale, and the same can be said for the superb spoke wheels. Excellent disc brakes can be seen through the front spokes, adding to the whole experience. Etched metal handles on the engine cover and front compartment are well-executed, but it’s when the latter is lifted and propped-up that the real wow-factor comes into play… that 3.3 litre beast looks exactly as it should.

Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari 250LM

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